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New Lithium Battery Label with UN numbers & New Class 9 - Lithium Battery 

Please seek confirmation from your Airlines, Forwarders or Cargo Terminals if the format is accepted.

For Lithium Battery Shipment


Class 9 - CX Version  (For Non- Lithium Battery Shipment)

Class  9  (Normal)




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Lithium Battery Label with ONE UN number only - Pre-order required (click here for order form)



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       General Enquiry and Products Ordering

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Email : sales@dg-packaging.com.hk


We are a team of dedicated professionals who has numerous years of experienc e in dangerous goods training, packaging and freight forwarding industry.

The emphasis of the company is to provide a complete dangerous goods packaging , related packing materials, training  and forwarding  to the customers.

 We also provide consultancy on customize UN Box and Dangerous Goods Training


Dangerous Goods Training Courses 

For Shipper / Forwarder


>>>   <<<

ICAO/IATA-FIATA Dangerous Goods Training Course (4 Days)

$3000 per person ($2800 for HAFFA/RAR agent)  

Course fee include the Official Dangerous Goods Regulations Manual 

 19-22Sep, 21-24Nov, 19-22Dec 


For enquiry please contact Chem Freight Hong Kong 

Tel: 2961 4887     Website: http://www.chemfreight.com.hk/


Above courses meets the requirements for Shipper/Forwarder whom need to consign Dangerous Goods Shipment by Air. The courses also meets the IATA cargo agency's training requirements.

Note: The certificate will be valid for 24 months and recurrent training is required every 24 months as per (ICAO-TI) International Civil Aviation Organization's Technical Instructions for Safe Tranaport of Dangerous Goods By Air requirements.




Updated Jul 2017





UN 4G Box                Size  L x W x H   (Outer Dimension in cm )                    



X10       (New size)   32 X 21X 13          Max. 10 Kgs for Packing Group I



X20                            24 x 24 x 42          Max. 20 Kgs for Packing Group I                                       



X30                            37 x 26 x 30          Max. 30 Kgs for Packing Group I            

X40                            31.5 x 31.5 x 55    Max. 40 Kgs for Packing Group I 

X40S    (New Size)   55 x 40 x 36          Max. 40 Kgs for Packing Group I 

For more UN 4G box sizes, Please contact :

Aquatic Paper Products Printing Co. Ltd. (HK Tel: 2555 1819)


Div 6.2 - UN 4G/ class6.2 / UN 3373 Packaging     Available in   2L 3L capacity               

Certified Temperature Control Packaging (Dry Ice / 2-8C) 


Bioherm 5   Int Dim: 135x135x130mm   Ext Dim: 268x273x283mm       HK$95/box 

Bioherm 10  Int Dim: 250x210x180mm   Ext Dim: 360x310x315mm       HK$150/box 



Packing Material (Vermiculite packet L14 x W7 x H1cm) 

For liquid absorbent / Cushioning  / Heat Absorbent (Lithium Batteries)


 $400 per box   (Each box contain 500 packets)

Pre-order required 





Hazard Labels    (10x10cm)         Div 2.1 , 2.2  Class 3 , Div 4.1 , Div 4.3 , Div 5.1, Div 5.2,  Div 6.1 , Class 8, Class 9 


Handling Labels    Cargo Aircraft Only, Magnetized  Material, Keep Away from Heat, Limited Quantity Mark , Enviromental Hazardous Mark,

Lithium Battery Labels, Up-Right - Fragile - Handling with Care


   IMO (Sea) Dangerous Goods  Placard    (25x25cm)  $20.00 for 4 pcs

 Class 2.1, 2.2, Class 3, Class 4.1,4.3, Class 6 (Toxic)/ (Infectious), Class 7, Class 5.1,5.2 , Class 8 , Class 9,  Limited Quantity , Marine Pollutant

UN No. Label (For UN number display) $10.00 for 4 pcs

Note: Each container require the applicable Hazard(s)  & UN No. display on four sides  






Dangerous Goods Forwarding Services

Please Contact HEADWIN LOGISTICS HK LTD  Tel. 2759 7700 


Packing / Repacking $350 per Box  (include UN Box , absorbent, Markings , Labelling and labour) 

Issue DGD-Shipper Declaration For Dangerous Goods $1500 per set



> Conditions apply and subject to MSDS information. Above service not applicable to Class1 and Class 7. No decanting will be performed. All services are performed in accordance with ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations by air.


Order Form and Price List- Please click below ( For Bulk order, please contact us for discount price) 

Products List / Price  / Order Form


General Enquiry and Ordering

Tel: (852) 2861 8780   Fax: (852) 3007 4374

Email : sales@dg-packaging.com.hk or john.yoong@chemfreight.com.hk


 DG Packaging Hong Kong  products sales  

   Purchase of UN box / Labels

   Headwin Logistics HK Ltd   

  Unit 303, 3 /F Century Centre, 44-46 Hung To Road, Kwun Tong (Click here for Map)

   Tel : 2759 7700 


Other Services: (Please call for details)

  IATA Accredited Dangerous Goods Regulations Courses

  Chem Freight HK Ltd 

  Tel: 2961 4887     Website: www.chemfreight.com.hk



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