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// Any person whom sign the DGD and consign dangerous goods by air out of HKG must hold a valid certificate issued by HK Civil Aviation Department's recognized training school/Institute. //

Dangerous goods certificate from other countries (include China) are not accepted.

(From HK Civil Aviation Department)  

Please be informed that Regulation 7(1) of the Dangerous Goods (Consignment by Air)(Safety) Regulations, Chapter 384A of the Laws of Hong Kong stipulates that no person shall sign the dangerous goods transport document (i.e. DGD) unless he has completed training programmes which

(a) are appropriate to his functions;

(b) are described in Chapter 4.2 of Part 1 of the ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air ("TI");

(c) have been approved by the Director-General of Civil Aviation (DGCA); and

 (d) are delivered by instructors who satisfy the requirements set out in Chapter 4.3 of Part 1 of the ICAO TI.

  Effective  15 Mar 2018


DG Packaging Hong Kong is also a Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department's approved training school

For enquiry please contact Tel: 2861 8780

  Refresher Dangerous Goods Regulations Course - 3 Days  $2500 per person (For renew certificate)


 Basic Dangerous Goods Regulations Course - 5 Days $4000 per person (Certificate Valid for 2years)

 >>> Further Discount available if you have purchase our Labels/UN box <<< 

Click here for 2018 Course Schedule & Enrollment Form



 Lithium Battery Label with UN numbers & New Class 9 - Lithium Battery 

Please seek confirmation from your Airlines, Forwarders or Cargo Terminals if the format is accepted.

For Lithium Battery Shipment


Class 9 - CX Version  (For Non- Lithium Battery Shipment)

Class  9  (Normal)




Products List & Order Form

Lithium Battery Label with ONE UN number only - Pre-order required (click here for order form)



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       General Enquiry and Products Ordering

 Tel: (852) 2861 8780   Fax: (852) 3007 4374

Email : sales@dg-packaging.com.hk


We are a team of dedicated professionals who has numerous years of experienc e in dangerous goods training, packaging and freight forwarding industry.

The emphasis of the company is to provide a complete dangerous goods packaging , related packing materials, training  and forwarding  to the customers.

 We also provide consultancy on customize UN Box and Dangerous Goods Training


Dangerous Goods Training Courses

Approved by Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (Click here to view the approval)

For Shipper / Forwarder


Refresher Dangerous Goods Regulations Course - 3 Days  $2500 per person (For Renew Certificate)

3-4 &6 Apr / 2-4May / 7-9May / 4-6Jun / 20-22Jun / 9-11Jul / 23-25Jul / 13-15Aug / 28-30Aug / 10-12Sep / 22-24Oct / 5-7Nov / 4-6Dec, 2018


Basic Dangerous Goods Regulations Course - 5 Days $4000 per person (Certificate Valid for 2years)

23-27Apr / 14-18May / 11-15Jun / 16-20Jul / 20-24Aug / 17-21Sep / 29Oct-2Nov / 10-14Dec, 2018 


>>> Further Discount available if you have purchase our Labels/UN box <<<


 Click here for 2018 Course Schedule & Enrollment Form

For enquiry please contact Tel: 2861 8780 or Email: sales@dg-packaging.com.hk 


Above courses meets the requirements for Shipper/Forwarder whom need to consign Dangerous Goods Shipment by Air. The courses also meets the IATA cargo agency's training requirements.

Note: The certificate will be valid for 24 months and recurrent training is required every 24 months as per (ICAO-TI) International Civil Aviation Organization's Technical Instructions for Safe Tranaport of Dangerous Goods By Air requirements.




Updated Mar 2018





UN 4G Box                Size  L x W x H   (Outer Dimension in cm )                    



X10       (New size)   32 X 21X 13          Max. 10 Kgs for Packing Group I



X20                            24 x 24 x 42          Max. 20 Kgs for Packing Group I                                       



X30                            37 x 26 x 30          Max. 30 Kgs for Packing Group I            

X40                            31.5 x 31.5 x 55    Max. 40 Kgs for Packing Group I 

X40S    (New Size)   55 x 40 x 36          Max. 40 Kgs for Packing Group I 

For more UN 4G box sizes, Please contact :

Aquatic Paper Products Printing Co. Ltd. (HK Tel: 2555 1819)


Div 6.2 - UN 4G/ class6.2 / UN 3373 Packaging     Available in   2L 3L capacity               

Certified Temperature Control Packaging (Dry Ice / 2-8C) 


Bioherm 5   Int Dim: 135x135x130mm   Ext Dim: 268x273x283mm       HK$95/box 

Bioherm 10  Int Dim: 250x210x180mm   Ext Dim: 360x310x315mm       HK$150/box 







Hazard Labels    (10x10cm)         Div 2.1 , 2.2  Class 3 , Div 4.1 , Div 4.3 , Div 5.1, Div 5.2,  Div 6.1 , Class 8, Class 9 


Handling Labels    Cargo Aircraft Only, Magnetized  Material, Keep Away from Heat, Limited Quantity Mark , Enviromental Hazardous Mark,

Lithium Battery Labels, Up-Right - Fragile - Handling with Care


   IMO (Sea) Dangerous Goods  Placard    (25x25cm)  

 Class 2.1, 2.2, Class 3, Class 4.1,4.3, Class 6 (Toxic)/ (Infectious), Class 7, Class 5.1,5.2 , Class 8 , Class 9,  Limited Quantity , Marine Pollutant

UN No. Label (For UN number display) 

Note: Each container require the applicable Hazard(s)  & UN No. display on four sides  






Dangerous Goods Forwarding Services

Please Contact HEADWIN LOGISTICS HK LTD  Tel. 2759 7700 


Packing / Repacking $350 per Box  (include UN Box , absorbent, Markings , Labelling and labour) 

Issue DGD-Shipper Declaration For Dangerous Goods $1500 per set



> Conditions apply and subject to MSDS information. Above service not applicable to Class1 and Class 7. No decanting will be performed. All services are performed in accordance with ICAO/IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations by air.


Order Form and Price List- Please click below ( For Bulk order, please contact us for discount price) 

Products List / Price  / Order Form


General Enquiry and Ordering

Tel: (852) 2861 8780   Fax: (852) 3007 4374

Email : sales@dg-packaging.com.hk or john.yoong@chemfreight.com.hk


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   Purchase of UN box / Labels


   Headwin Logistics HK Ltd   


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   Tel : 2759 7700 








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