For Dangerous Goods Regulations course training,  please contact Tel: 2861 8780 or Email:

Conducted by Chem Freight Hong Kong Ltd and  courses meets the requirements for Shipper/Forwarder whom need to consign Dangerous Goods Shipment by Air. The courses also meets the IATA cargo agency's training requirements.

Note: The certificate will be valid for 24 months and recurrent training is required every 24 months as per (ICAO-TI) International Civil Aviation Organization's Technical Instructions for Safe Tranaport of Dangerous Goods By Air requirements.

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Dangerous Goods Awareness Course

for Category 4 & 5 of Forwarder


Refresher Dangerous Goods Regulations Course – 3 Days  (For Renew Certificate)


Basic Dangerous Goods Regulations Course – 5 Days  (Certificate Valid for 2years)